We offer the fastest shipping!

Shipping information:

  • All orders SHIP FREE!
  • Most orders are shipped from our warehouses the same day
  • Your product will arrive in 2-4 business days

Once we have received your order, we aim to ship it out the same business day. If your order is received before 3pm Pacific Time or 3pm Eastern Time, it will most likely be handed off to FedEx and shipped out that same day. If your order is received after 3pm Pacific time or 3pm Eastern Time, it will most likely go out the following business day.

We are based in Washington State, and have a second location in Kentucky allowing for much faster shipping times for customers located in the eastern side of the United States.

In general the transit time for delivery should be approximately two business days once the order is picked up by FedEx.

Important notes:

Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will not be processed and shipped until Monday.
Above transit times are general guides. Although they are basically accurate, there will always be some exceptions due to weather, customer location, etc.

How do I track my order?

You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Log into your account and you should be able to see the status of your order.

2. You can also take the tracking number we send you and use it at the FEDEX tracking site.

Shipping issues:

Every so often we hear from a customer that has had issues with their package deliveries. We ask that you please email us through our "Contact Support" link and we will reply within 24 hrs (Monday-Friday) and work to solve the problem.

Shipping zones:

Currently we are not shipping to Canada or internationally due to the high cost of shipping - many times it is higher than the actual cost of the product.

You can also find our product on Amazon Canada through third party sellers. Again the price will be higher than normal.

Unfortunately we only able to ship within the continental United States, not to Alaska and Hawaii. The primary reason is because hay and pellets and pet food in general is pretty heavy and does not work well for shipping those long distances. The costs for shipping can be 3-4X normal.

However, if you really want our product, you could use a mail forwarding service.

A Google search for 'mail forwarding' will yield a number of companies that you can pay to ship your products to them and then turnaround and ship internationally.

Please Note: These options will all be expensive and will vary between different providers.

We do thank you for your sincere interest. Please be assured that we are continuing to look for the best options to make shipping to Hawaii and Alaska more affordable.

What do I do if my package was damaged in transit?

We're so sorry this happened! We ask that you please email us through the "Contact Support" link and we will reply within 24 hrs and work to solve the problem.