About Us

About Perfect Breakfast

Inspired by the sunrise workouts, carpool lanes, and morning meetings, we wanted to create a plant-based protein shake that would provide everything needed for a perfect breakfast — without all the fuss.

You’re living a busy life. We know it’s damn near impossible to make time for a well-balanced breakfast when you’re racing against the morning bell at your kids’ school, trying to beat rush hour traffic, or simply dying to hit the snooze button one more time.

Perfect Breakfast was created with the belief that a truly healthy morning meal that tastes good and keeps your satisfied should take less than five minutes to make.

What Makes Perfect Breakfast Different?

We’re not just another plant-based protein powder. Perfect Breakfast packs a punch, fueling your day with energizing caffeine and hunger-fighting healthy fats. Take a look at what sets Perfect Breakfast apart:

  • 20g of plant-based protein
  • 9g of fat from nuts, seeds, and other healthy sources
  • 5g of net carbs and only 3g of sugar
  • 115mg of caffeine from organic green coffee bean

Call us dreamers, but we never believed we would need to compromise taste to get the healthiest protein. That’s why we waited until we had perfected both the flavor and the nutrition before launching Perfect Breakfast. Using cocoa beans, coconut, and chia seeds, we believe we’ve created the best tasting plant-based protein.

Who is Perfect Breakfast For?

Our high fat, plant-based protein powder is for anyone who is searching for a better way to start their day. We’re for anyone who believes that a life well lived begins with the perfect breakfast.

Whether your goal is to fuel your workout, your workday, or your afternoon playdate, we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of your of life.

Create your perfect morning, beginning with the perfect breakfast!

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