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Why this new protein + caffeine shake might be the perfect breakfast replacement

Why this new protein + caffeine shake might be the perfect breakfast replacement

Like most people, I have no time in the mornings.

Most days, I’ll rush out the door at the last minute. And six months ago, when I started a competitive and time-consuming new job, I even started skipping breakfast.
This meant I was starving at the office throughout the morning while watching the clock for lunchtime to arrive. When I finally got the chance to eat, I’d binge on random takeout. Of course, it became impossible to keep track of what I was eating and to stick to healthy meal plans. 

I soon started gaining weight and losing energy. So I decided to make a change — and the first step was to get my breakfast in order.

Mission: Convenient, healthy breakfast

After a bit of research, I decided that a breakfast shake would be a good way to make healthy eating a part of my daily routine. I had only a few simple requirements.

I wanted it to taste good and be healthy. It wanted it to be quick and easy to prepare before heading out the door in the morning. I wanted it to keep me satisfied until lunchtime and make it simple to keep track of calories and nutrients.

I thought it would take 10 minutes — just hop on Amazon, read a couple of reviews, figure out the best shake. But it turned out to be a long and winding road. Along with some emergency restroom stops. Let me tell you the highlights.

I did my painful research

Even though there are literally hundreds of options out there, I eliminated most of them right away because of unhealthy ingredients. Some proudly used GMO soy, others were based on canola oil, still, others had tons of artificial sweeteners and flavoring. No thank you.

Still, I did find close to a dozen protein powders and meal replacements (including some big names with a big price tag) that sounded fine on paper. And over the course of two months, I tried them all out.

The trouble is, most tasted just awful. I won't name names, but even the most popular brands were overly sweet, tasted like cardboard, or had a weird chemical aftertaste. Drinking this every morning would be a chore and not something I could force myself to do.

And that's not even the worst of it. Because a few times, I actually got terrible stomach aches, right after I’d tried one of these shakes. One popular meal replacement, in particular, gave me a lot of gas pressure in my stomach and set me running to the office bathroom.

My quest for a healthy and convenient breakfast was actually taking me further from my goal. I was getting a little annoyed. And then I caught a lucky break.

Almost didn't try it

Several times on my Facebook feed, I had seen a brand of plant-based protein powder called Perfect Breakfast. I'd ignored it while I was in the middle of experimenting with other shakes. But it was a reasonable price, and eventually, I decided to try it out, mostly because of the rave reviews they kept getting.

It’s a plant-based protein shake with several other key ingredients

I ordered it and it arrived promptly two days later. But then I put off trying it for over two weeks. I know. I bought this and I was skeptical to try it? I guess I had been burned enough times by other drink mixes, whether by taste or performance. But I wish I’d tried it sooner. Here’s why.

The first taste test

Perfect Breakfast comes in a small tub, pleasantly filled to the top. My first shake was a simple taste test with 1.5 cups of almond milk and 2 scoops of the protein powder.

So I put it in a shaker bottle and shook it up. It mixed so incredibly well with the almond milk, without any clumps. I was pleasantly surprised. So I carefully took my first sip. And all I could say is WOW!

Perfect Breakfast tasted amazing. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate-flavored things but this was delicious — rich, creamy, and just the right amount of sweetness. It had a smooth texture with absolutely zero grit, unlike other plant-based proteins I had tried. And it had absolutely no chemical, artificial aftertaste. But that's not all.

Not “just” a protein powder

As a complete meal replacement, Perfect Breakfast has your standard 20g of plant-based protein. But it’s also got some nice touches you don’t get in a typical protein powder. For starters, it contains 115mgs of caffeine. (A normal cup of coffee has between 90mg and 200mg.)

In my experience, this is just the right amount. It’s not enough to make me jittery or anxious, but it’s amazingly good at waking me up and making me alert. Perhaps that’s because Perfect Breakfast actually uses green coffee bean extract, rather than regular coffee.

It mixes easily and smoothly into water or almond milk, without clumps

Perfect Breakfast also has 9 grams of healthy fats in the form of macadamia nut oil. I’ve tried macadamia nut oil on its own — it’s got a nice buttery taste and an even healthier fatty acid profile than olive oil. The macadamia oil in Perfect Breakfast mellows out the caffeine, plus it helps you feel full longer. Which brings up my favorite thing about this protein powder.

Full until lunch

I've been drinking Perfect Breakfast almost every morning for several months now. It's part of a morning routine that reliably gets me in high gear. And the best thing is it keeps me completely satisfied until lunch — instead of rummaging for snacks by 10 am.

I love that it’s so convenient and I don't have to pre-plan anything. I’ll just grab the shaker bottle, fill it with 12 ounces of almond milk, 2 scoops of Perfect Breakfast, and walk out the door. As I said, it tastes fantastic just with almond milk or mixed with water.

But if I have extra time in the morning, I'll sometimes blend the smoothie from the recipe on the side of the bottle. A banana, a cup of almond milk, a teaspoon of peanut butter and three ice cubes. It's super quick and it tastes delicious.

You can even add Perfect Breakfast to other breakfast foods

Finally — call me a rebel — I’ve also been drinking Perfect Breakfast for lunch on busy days. I just add two scoops to a water bottle, shake, and I have lunch. The caffeine in Perfect Breakfast gives me a sustained boost of energy and helps me avoid that afternoon energy crash, without any jitters or the “wired” feeling that I usually get from a cup of coffee after lunch.

All natural, vegan, and GMO-free

The ingredients in Perfect Breakfast are extraordinarily minimal. The 20 grams of protein come from six plant-based sources, including flaxseed, quinoa, and pea protein. I think they made this mix for taste — the label says the company worked on the formulation for a year to get it to taste so good. But it also has the nice side-effect of having a 100% complete amino acid profile, something that plant proteins from a single source often don’t have.

The other ingredients include the green coffee bean extract with 115mg of caffeine... 9 grams of healthy macadamia nut oil... A bit of cocoa powder and stevia for flavoring... And that’s it. No extra fillers, no artificial chemicals, no mystery flavors or colors or aromas. Just basic, healthy ingredients, which also happen to be vegan and GMO-free. And that’s probably why Perfect Breakfast doesn’t bother my stomach at all, unlike other protein shakes I’d tried.

Curbs appetite and cravings

My initial reason for wanting a breakfast replacement was to get my meals under control and hopefully lose some weight. And though I'm not trying to tout Perfect Breakfast as a weight-loss shake, it has helped me keep my meals and calories in check.

The protein in Perfect Breakfast keeps me full until lunch and gives me the nutrients I need. The caffeine curbs my appetite and helps me stay focused on other things than food. And since two scoops of Perfect Breakfast have just 180 calories and 5g of carbs, it’s definitely friendly to trying to lose weight. It even fits into a low-carb diet.

It’s a great way to keep meals and calories in check even if you’re on the go

But the part that really sold me is that I noticed my mid-morning cravings for snacks disappeared after I started drinking Perfect Breakfast. And now, when lunch comes around, I'm no longer binging on unhealthy foods. Instead, I'm more controlled and I find it easier to make smart food decisions because I’m not starving myself the whole morning.

I love it and I think you will too

I look forward to a Perfect Breakfast shake each day, and I can't imagine starting my day without it. I love the creamy and smooth taste. I love the energy boost it gives me. And I love just being able to blend it up and head out the door. Five seconds of meal prep, and no mental energy spent on planning.
Most important of all, Perfect Breakfast gives me all the nutrients I need to start my day. It keeps me full until lunch, it helps me cut out junk food meals that cost twice as much, and it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my body.

I love Perfect Breakfast and I continue to drink it each morning (and sometimes lunch!). I highly recommend it, especially if you are into plant-based ingredients. Try it out, you won’t regret it.


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