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Using Perfect Breakfast to Support Your Weight Loss Goals

You know what is so frustrating about weight loss?

It’s a process that is simple in theory but totally complicated when you try to put it into practice.

Here’s what we mean: weight loss is as simple as burning more calories than you're eating each day. It’s a formula that science has proven as the guaranteed method for losing weight.

It is also a formula that is only simple on paper. Once you try to apply this guideline to your everyday life, you quickly realize that there are so many factors that complicate and trip up weight loss.

You’re struggling to control your appetite. Your days are so busy, you can’t find the time to prep for healthy meals. Your cravings are taking over when you’re bored, tired, or stressed.

We’ve been there and that’s exactly why we created Perfect Breakfast. We were looking for a way to support healthy eaters in their weight loss goals and found it in a high protein, high fat plant-based option. Here’s are three ways to use Perfect Breakfast to support your weight loss goals.


#1. Manage Your Appetite

Anyone who has been on a diet knows just how hungry you feel during those first few days of watching what you eat. It’s as if your appetite goes into overdrive just because you’re trying to eat healthier and exercise more.

A single serving of our plant-based protein contains 20 grams of protein and 9 grams of healthy fats. This isn’t an accident — we created the Perfect Breakfast formula to be satisfying.

Increasing your protein intake has been proven as a great way to support weight loss goals since protein actually keeps your hunger in check, which means you’re eating less. Healthy fats are associated with hunger control, too, since eating fat sends a satiety signal to your brain.


#2. Satisfy Your Cravings

If you’re hoping to lose a little weight but you also believe that life is better with chocolate, our plant-based protein powder is the perfect addition to your weight loss toolkit.

We know that cravings are a real part of everyday life, especially when you’re saying no to your favorite sweets and treats. Instead of fighting the cravings all day, every day, why not find a healthier alternative that will satisfy your cravings?

Perfect Breakfast does just that:

Coconut milk and macadamia nut oil gives you the creamy texture you crave.

Cocoa, seeds, and nuts create a chocolate, nutty flavor that is so satisfying

Forget the frappuccino, organic coffee beans add a subtle coffee flavor that is so right.


#3. Eliminate Complicated Meal Prep

If #mealprepmonday is getting you down, find freedom from your kitchen with a plant-based protein powder. A meal replacement shake is such a good addition to your meal prep because there is zero prep involved. Toss a serving of Perfect Breakfast in your blender with your favorite nut milk, blend for thirty seconds, and hit the road.

And, if you’re incredibly short on time, skip the blender altogether. The smooth and creamy texture of Perfect Breakfast makes a quick shake in a blender bottle a great option, too.

Whether you’re hoping to lose five, ten, or 50 pounds, preparing your kitchen with satisfying and healthy options is key. Let’s reach those weight loss goals, together. Order Perfect Breakfast today.


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