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Using Perfect Breakfast to Support Your Vegan Lifestyle

Adopting a plant-based diet is growing in popularity and it's so much more than a passing trend.

Roughly 7.3 million Americans are committed to a vegetarian lifestyle and about one million are vegans, having given up animal products entirely.

Living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle may be popular, but making the switch isn’t free from challenges. Individuals brand new to plant-based living and lifelong vegans alike face the same challenges time and time again:

They miss the creamy, smooth texture of dairy products.

There is a learning curve that comes with adopting vegan cooking.

Meal planning and meal prep take up a lot of their time.

Plant-based products aren’t available at every store.

Busy individuals find fast food vegan options almost nonexistent.

There’s no doubt about it, a vegan or plant-based lifestyle can be difficult to adopt and requires diligence if you’re going to make it work for the long term. Finding food that provides enough variety in your diet, pleases your tastes buds, and doesn’t chain you to your kitchen counter isn’t easy.

We know the struggle is real.

Perfect Breakfast is so much more than a breakfast shake, it’s one more way you can support your vegan lifestyle with delicious and nutritious foods.

A Convenient Option

For many, mornings are jam-packed. Adding elaborate, time-consuming meal prep only adds to the frenzy of trying to get ready and out the door for the busy day ahead.

When we began experimenting with the recipe for Perfect Breakfast over a year ago, we knew that we wanted to provide optimum nutrition without the inconvenience of typical meal prep. We love from scratch meals just as much as anyone else, but we also know that mornings aren’t really the best time for lots of chopping, measuring, and mixing.

We created Perfect Breakfast to give you the plant-based protein and fats you need to start your day satisfied with very little effort or time required. Simply dump a serving of Perfect Breakfast in your blender with nut milk, blend, and go.

The Creamy Taste and Texture Your Taste Buds Crave

The more we researched plant-based eating and the common challenges vegans face, the more clear it became that a lot of people living a plant-based lifestyle are looking for foods that satisfy their cravings for creamy tastes and textures often associated with dairy products.

Knowing this, we knew the finished product had to be creamy. We’re so proud to have accomplished just that using the perfect combination of coconut milk, macadamia nut oil, and cocoa.

Easily Adapted for New Tastes

We love that Perfect Breakfast offers such a simple option for busy people.

We also know that healthy eaters crave variety. It’s so easy to feel stuck eating the same thing over and over again.

A plant-based protein powder might seem like a one-trick pony, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since this Perfect Breakfast is easily adapted to cravings, it’s a great pantry staple for your vegan lifestyle.

  • Add fruits, fresh greens, nut butter, or even coffee to your smoothie.
  • Create a smoothie bowl, thicken up your favorite smoothie recipe a plant-based yogurt. Top with coconut flakes, chia seeds, fruit, and nuts.
  • Use perfect breakfast as the base for your protein pancakes, sweetbreads, and muffins.

Perfect Breakfast is for anyone searching for a healthier and simpler start to their mornings, but it is an especially helpful addition to a plant-based lifestyle.

Add a bottle of Perfect Breakfast to your vegan pantry.


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