Let’s face it, mornings rarely start out perfect. You wake up and realize you have a million things to do—get yourself ready for work, coax the kids out of bed, take the dog for a walk, and hope everyone gets a quick breakfast.


The kids get oatmeal, fruit, and milk, but you skip the nutrition and grab coffee and fast food on the way to work. This is not a good scenario.   


With how busy life is these days, you need a nutritious vitamin-packed breakfast to supply the energy for your day.


In medieval times, breakfast was not such a big deal. It was reserved for noblemen or people who were ill.  By the 15th century, breakfast was a privilege to some but the standard was two meals a day—dinner at about midday and supper about four.  Over the centuries, breakfast has evolved into the present-day coffee, fast food, or other unhealthy foods that deplete energy.


The good news is that you can change your behavior around mornings to create a Perfect Breakfast day. Read on to discover five ways you can give your morning a boost.  


Get Up at the Same Time Each Day


Have you ever had friends who seem rested and energetic all the time?  If you ask these people for their secret, you may get a variety of answers. However, universally speaking, it’s an almost-sure bet that your energetic friends get up at the same time each day. 


Your energetic friends might do great on six hours of sleep if they get up at the same time each morning. You, on the other hand, can average eight to ten hours a night and not feel rested at all because you wake at various times.


If you are not adequately rested, chances are you lack the energy to follow through on your daily activities, such as having a nutritious breakfast.


Create a Morning Routine


One of the best ways to start your day off strong is to create a morning routine.  For example, you might head to the shower the moment your feet hit the floor, or you might throw your exercise clothes on and go for a run.  Heck, you might even stay in bed and read for a half hour before doing anything at all.


The important thing is that there is no right or wrong way to organize your morning. You just need to figure out what routine fits you best and stick with it.


When you decide on your routine, be sure that a Perfect Breakfast is included. It will help you start your day off strong and give you muscle for your day. 


Take Your Time


Even when you are well rested and have established a routine, you might start rushing around because you are afraid of running out of time. Let’s face it, life happens and there will always be things you need to deal with.


Today, it could be that your daughter can’t find her favorite doll, or your son misplaced his softball glove. Instead of brushing their teeth like you asked them too, they insist they are not leaving the house without their things.


After helping the kids locate their toys, you make sure they get their breakfast but decide you don’t have time for yours. Skipping breakfast is a bad idea because you need fuel to start your day and keep you going until your next meal. 


Cultivate a Positive Attitude


Your thought processes often determine the tone of your morning. If you wake up thinking about horrible things happening at the office, or something a family member said to you two months ago, you start seeing the world through negative-tinted glasses.


The thing about negativity is that it multiplies quickly and can put a damper on your day.  It can deplete your energy to the point that you don’t care what type of breakfast you eat.


On the other hand, a positive attitude is contagious and grows in amazing ways.  A positive attitude will go a long way whether you are working, walking the dog, helping the kids find their toys, or making sure you get the nutrition you need.     


Make Breakfast Your Most Important Meal


Now that you are well-rested, have established a great morning routine, take the slow lane, and keep a positive attitude, think about the value of a Perfect Breakfast.  It’s 200 calories, delicious, and packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s the fuel your body craves.  


In fact, the Perfect Breakfast is an excellent precursor to a productive, energetic day.


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