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How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine with Perfect Breakfast

What makes mornings so difficult to conquer?

Why is that, even when we set intentions or set our alarms, we still find ourselves rushing through the first couple hours of our day filled with anxiety?

The simple truth is that so many of us plan to have a great morning but don’t break down the steps required to put that plan into action. Some might even go as far as setting their alarm, but they don’t plan for what will happen when their alarm goes off.

Sound all too familiar? At Perfect Breakfast, we have a passion for helping busy people like you building the perfect morning routine. Here are four tips that will help you do just that.


#1. Look Beyond Your Morning Routine

One of the most common early morning mistakes made by aspiring early birds has nothing to do with their mornings and everything to do with their bedtime routine.

Don’t set your alarm for an early wake up if you’re not willing to go to bed a bit earlier, too.

Getting up earlier shouldn’t be about getting less sleep. Instead, adjust your entire routine to make better use of your time beginning with setting down your phone, crawling into bed, and turning out the lights a little sooner each night so you can wake up rested and refreshed with your morning alarm rings.


#2. Start Your Day with Joy

Getting up earlier isn’t always fun. If you’ve got nothing but rushing out the door waiting for you once you throw back the covers, you might find it hard to find the motivation to face the day.

That’s why we believe it’s worth getting up just a few minutes earlier to make time for a positive start to your day. Think of something you enjoy enough to get out of bed for — a walk around the block, reading for fun, a cup of coffee on the back porch, or some one-on-one time with your significant other — and build it into your morning. You’ll be glad you made time for some added joy in your morning routine.


#3. Simplify Breakfast

Unfortunately, when we think of a simpler breakfast we often think of a bowl of cereal or skipping the meal altogether. On the flip side, when we think about making our first meal healthier, we assume we need to block off a ton of time for chopping veggies, scrambling eggs or tofu, and sitting down for our meal.

If you want a better morning routine, breakfast needs to be healthy but it also needs to be simple. This is really one of the main reasons we developed Perfect Breakfast in the first place, we knew that busy people needed better breakfast options.

Our plant-based shake meets that need. Simply toss it in the blender with almond milk, blend, and go.

#4. Write It Down

There’s an old adage that has been repeated in political and military circles, and we think it perfectly applies to the battle of changing up your morning routine,

“Hope is not a strategy.”

It’s a phrase that refers to the truth that there is only so much hope can do for you, eventually, you have to make a clear plan of action. When it comes to creating the perfect morning routine, we believe strategy begins with committing to your routine by writing it down.

This can look like a schedule, broken down into 15 or 30-minute blocks. If a schedule feels too strict, you can simply write down an order of events. Whatever you decide, get it outlined on paper and then post it somewhere you can see as a reminder at the beginning of each busy morning.

Gain control over your morning routine beginning with a Perfect Breakfast smoothie.


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