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5 Reasons Perfect Breakfast Is The Perfect Plant-Based Protein For Your Morning Routine

5 Reasons Perfect Breakfast Is The Perfect Plant-Based Protein For Your Morning Routine

You’re looking for the health benefits of adding a plant-based protein to your morning routine, but you struggle to find the right powder.

Did you find one that tasted great, but left you hungry? Or was your last purchase jam-packed with fiber and protein and an unbearable taste?

You need a breakfast option that packs a punch. Protein-powders should taste good, boost your energy, and keep you satisfied until you’re ready for your next meal. Let’s take a look at what sets Perfect Breakfast apart from the rest, making it the perfect addition to your morning routine.

Keeping You Satisfied for Hours

It’s frustrating to be distracted by hunger an hour or two into your workday. Sure, you can pack snacks, but you can also find a better breakfast option. At Perfect Breakfast, we set out to find the solution to mid-morning hunger woes — and we found it!

Most plant-based proteins contain around five grams of fat per serving. We know that when it comes to achieving satiety, fat is your friend. Although low-fat diets were glorified in the past, emerging research shows that a diet high in healthy fats keep you full longer and eating the right fats can promote healthy weight loss.

At nine grams of fat per serving, our plant-based protein keeps you satisfied, longer.

Boosting Your Energy, Naturally

We could all use a little jump start to our day, right? We wanted our protein powder to be an all-in-one supplement — filling, healthy, and energizing. That’s how we decided that green coffee bean needed to a part of the Perfect Breakfast formula.

A single serving of Perfect Breakfast contains 115 mg from caffeine, which is just enough to get you going but not enough for the jitters and hyperactivity of over-caffeination.

Stabilizing Your Blood Sugar

A quick hit of refined carbohydrates in the morning, which is plentiful in many popular protein bars, will spike your blood sugar and can cause weight gain over time. We created a plant-based protein powder that is low carb and low sugar, with enough protein, fiber, and fats to stabilize your blood sugar first thing in the morning.

This is crucial to maintaining energy levels all day since refined carbs are infamous for providing a quick burst of energy followed by a crash. And, since excess sugars are stored as fat on the body, keeping your blood sugar stable with balanced meals is essential to meeting or maintaining a healthy weight.

A Tastes Worth Craving

How many of us downed our morning smoothie with a grimace on our face? Many plant-based proteins rely on pea protein, which makes up 80 to 90 percent of their ingredients. That’s why they have that veggie taste!

Protein powders aren’t worth it if they taste terrible. We waited to launch our product until we knew the taste was just right. Using natural flavoring from organic cocoa beans, seeds, and nuts, we created the type of protein powder you’ll look forward to each morning. Just hear what Abby had to say about Perfect Breakfast:

“Perfect blend of taste, protein, and energy. I enjoy it with almond or regular milk, a banana and some peanut butter. Even had a probiotic. Truly is the perfect mix!”

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Search “My protein powder…” on Google, and you’ll find an assortment of digestive complaints related to the use of protein supplements. We’ll spare you the gross details, and get right to the point — we knew the reputation protein powders have for screwing with your gut.

On top of all that plant-based protein and healthy fat, we’ve made sure our powder has two essential components for healthy digestion: fiber and probiotics. Perfect Breakfast contains two grams of dietary fiber in each scoop and a probiotic blend made from five powerhouse probiotic strains.

It’s time to upgrade your morning routine. Click here to get your grab your first bottle of the tastiest plant-based protein on the market.


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