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4 Ways Perfect Breakfast Supports Your Low-Carb Lifestyle

4 Ways Perfect Breakfast Supports Your Low-Carb Lifestyle

You’ve already decided that a low-carb diet is the right choice for your lifestyle. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight. Perhaps you’re simply trying to maintain more stable blood sugar levels or control your appetite during your busy workday. Whatever is motivating your low-carb living, it isn’t without its challenges.

If you’ve ever tried a low-carb diet, you know they can be labor intensive. Keeping enough food prepped to avoid reaching for packaged foods during an emergency isn’t easy. You probably also noticed that following a low-carb diet often means eating the same foods time and time again.

You need low-carb options that only take minutes to prepare. You need a breakfast you can prepare on the run, without compromising your carb count. You need a meal replacement option that isn’t boring or tasteless.

We created Perfect Breakfast with people like you in mind, perfecting this plant-based protein shake with the hopes of supporting healthy lifestyles with delicious shakes. Here are 4 ways Perfect Breakfast supports your low-carb lifestyle.

Low-Carb, Plant-Based Nutrition

We all know that one of the criticisms of low carb or keto diets is the overabundance of meat people consume trying to stay satisfied without carbs in their diet. Excessive meat consumption isn’t healthy for you or the planet and low-carb diets can benefit from a more balanced approach.

Perfect Breakfast provides an alternative protein source that is plant-based. The protein in our shake is an organic blend made from quinoa flour, flax seeds, pumpkins seeds, oat flour, and more. A single serving of Perfect Breakfast contains 20 grams of protein.

Low-Carb, High Fat

If you’re dropping your carb intake, you’ve got to find a way to stay satisfied to avoid feeling deprived or hungry. Perfect Breakfast has an impressively high fat count that comes from healthy fat sources including coconut, seeds, and nuts.

At nine grams of fat per serving, our plant-based protein keeps you satisfied, longer.

“Perfect Breakfast is really great. It's very tasty, and the coffee adds a nice caffeine kick at breakfast time. The consistency is good too. Goes down smooth. Perhaps best of all, it fits into my low carb diet, making breakfast a no-brainer.”

  • Christopher S., 5 Star Review
  • A Low Sugar Option

    Perfect Breakfast is flavored with the nutty flavors of coconuts, macadamia nuts, and pumpkin seeds. It’s sweetened with the help of monk fruit extract. Monk fruit extract is an all natural sweetener that doesn’t play around with your blood sugar.

    This means you can enjoy the chocolatey, sweetness of Perfect Breakfast without worrying about the sugar content. A single serving of our plant-based smoothie only contains 3 grams of sugar and 5 net carbs, making it a common sense addition to your low-carb diet.

    A No-Fuss Meal Replacement

    Let’s be honest, one of the hardest components of sticking with a low carb diet is finding convenient and healthy options that fit your eating plan. Food prep can be all-consuming and most of us simply don’t have extra time in our schedules for elaborate recipes for three meals a day.

    Perfect Breakfast is packed with healthy fats and tastes amazing when blended with nut butters, greens, or fruit. This plant-based smoothie is a perfect no-fuss meal replacement, whether you’re running out the door to work or trying to get little ones down for their afternoon naps.

    Set yourself up for success on your low-carb diet with a low-effort option for your busiest days. Grab a bottle of Perfect Breakfast protein — you’ll be amazed at how good low-carb living can taste.


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